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Into Lake Griffy

by Good Luck

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neonUFO First I heard one song. Then I immediately followed it up with both albums. Then the wave of nostalgia that their distinctly late 2000s sound brought me to tears. I was picked up and placed directly into the memories of my childhood. I feel so lucky that I found such a gem hidden in the credits of a YouTube essay about anime. Good Luck instantly became one of my favourite bands. Favorite track: Stars Were Exploding.
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firebrotherjim2113 A truly amazing band, every song has something to love. Lyricism is better than anything you'll hear on the radio. Favorite track is Hey Matt, you can feel the raw emotion and energy behind the track everytime you listen to it. Seriously all so good, just wish there was more music of theirs out there. Favorite track: Hey Matt.
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Media Mail Ginger Alford is my hero! What a cool, talented human.
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Here we are in this world. I don’t know how we got here, but somehow we learned how to live here. Now our brains are too big for our heads. They’re expanding. You can order your life through meticulous planning, but it’s a crapshoot when things unexpectedly start to move faster. And you try to avert a disaster. But you can’t always get what you’re after. I know you know this. We all want to feel content but need more than a place to shit and to lay a bed. If sometimes living doesn’t terrify you, if love doesn’t pulverize you, then where are you at? Where’s the power in that? Though it’s been nothing but complicated since the first time that two people dated, and your heart makes you deathly afraid, it’s all you’ve got. Is it impossible, friend? Is it only a dream to find truth in the visions you see? Or to believe the love that I’m waiting for is somewhere waiting for me? Well maybe the way to get what you want is to stop waiting for it to show up. Have faith in the wind and the rain it will come (but only if you let it come). Yeah, everyone feels alone. Maybe more, maybe less, maybe this year or next or when they grow old. But what a bogus affliction! It’s the human condition. We all want affection and the sound of another heartbeat. Maybe when this ends and the stars all call down for me it'll finally make sense, or just as likely still be mystery. I don’t know where you are my friend, I don’t know if I’ll ever know. But maybe you’ll be there when it’s time to go.
Pajammin 02:54
PAJAMMIN It was the sun that woke me up. It was too hot to let me sleep, now that I’m living downtown and all that concrete traps the heat. We were up ‘til seven am but never agreed what was right. But hey I’ll still see you tomorrow night…When we’re playing in the basement, long haired girls bust in through the front door. ‘Cause it’s just a quiet town when college boys move back home to New York. And you can get around in the heat without using no public transport, ‘cause my house is downhill from everywhere here. Nothing more and nothing less than the finest months we’ve ever put to rest. I’ll be sweating out the days hoping you’ll be back when summer’s over. Put down the bottles and pick up the six string ‘cause so far it’s the only thing that brings us more than what every fool gets stuck in. Take off my collar where I played pretend. Maybe I worked eight hours just to get to the end, but now I'm back to broken strings from note bends. Oh the feeling is spreading out to the ceiling when the band plays everyone’s favorite song.
The stars were exploding. One by one they'd flicker and they'd fall into Lake Griffy. He counted them all. Seven times he called your name, then ten more and the sky shut itself off. In the darkness he wondered, “Will that be enough?” Will that be enough? He dove down to the bottom, the very bottom where all things go to die. Everyone wanted to hold him, wanted to feel alive. So he gathered up the broken stars, lit a spark, put them back up in the sky. If you can wish on their falling, imagine what you can do bringing them back to life.
Man on Fire 02:28
I’ve been feeling presidential, emotions torrential. So many things to do, so much potential. But every night when I go to bed I’m thinking of you. My brain is overloaded, the public has voted. But they can put that in their pipe and smoke it. I think I finally understand how to feel satisfied, when I know that this can’t be a real thing. At least for now all I can do is think about all of the time that we have. And if this doesn’t work out, if things just don’t pan out, if I can’t make you love me then oh well, at least I’ll have been a good man. But you’ve gone to a place I can’t follow, where the air is so dry I can’t swallow. But maybe it will rain tomorrow or tonight...Like it did when we were in Ohio. Then we drove through the night to my mom’s house. In the basement we turned all the lights out and side by side you made me feel like a man on fire. Like a man who could never get tired. Now I’m wondering have we expired? Does this feel right? 'Cause I could just be a good friend like a brother, or baby I could be your lover. It could be one or the other or both in time. Well give it some time. I’ll sing alone. Give it some time and you’ll find your new home. You may be in Minnesota or out on the road, but just call me and I’ll come to you.
Hey Matt 03:59
You want it, you got it—well that’s fine. Just write me a postcard when you get home tonight. It was dark, and I cried, “There are things that we do in life to stay alive, and protect the ones we love from the sleepless nights when the ghouls walk in." The ghosts of my family sometimes haunt me in my sleep, and I know that they’re fine but it still scares the hell out of me. Sure, it depends on what you want, what you’re expecting and what you’ve got. But listen up, we’re gonna be fine. ‘Cause everyone’s afraid for their world to end. It’s the secret song we all sing up in our heads that says, “Let me fall in love or at least pretend we’ll spend the rest of our days up in Michigan. Don’t let my life become the past 'til I’m ready to let it rest. Is that really so much to ask, to walk to the end and then come back?” Then the sidewalks were filled with all the people that I’d ever met, and they were yelling, “Hey Matt won’t you come down and join in on this?” So I did, in a run, but by the time I got there everyone was gone. Everyone except for my dad and mom, and they spoke to me. They said, “Don’t you hear our whispering every day when you wake up? Don’t forget to live your life ‘cause we love you, yeah we love you very much.”
Come Home 02:07
Come to your senses, please come back home. So you walked to the end but couldn't grasp what you were shown. Forget what they're telling you kid. You're not alone. I know it's not that hard to believe it. We live in a ghost town, and we're learning how to function with limited sight, give it all to the reaction. I'm not sure that this is who I am. But I've been testing the water and I'm ready to try it again. Are you sure that that's who you are? I don't think that you'll end up like them. We live in a ghost town, and we're learning how to function with limited sight, give it all to the reaction. A sense of comfort, that was the attraction, but we can find our own. Now you recognize that. Now you're ready for more. Now that you can see things you couldn't see before. And you take what you're given to give it all that you've got. ‘Cause there’s more alive in your peripheral sight than you thought. So please come back home. Don't you want to come home?
Public Radio 04:11
We’re getting really good at scrambling the signal. Yeah all my stations are down, I can't read you at all.  I've been paralyzed.  I've got smoke in my eyes and I want to go back to summertime. Can't find the code to be broken. Maybe there's a password or something. So I've got a car but don't have anywhere to drive it, and god damn it the radio is broken. It won't pick up, no! The airwaves are thick, the sky has gone electric. I guess I'll walk around the block again in search of a symbol. Then I sing, "Oh wake up! It's a beautiful night, isn't that enough?" Let's turn it up tonight as loud as we can get it. Let's blow out this whole town right at midnight with one triumphant chord. And everyone will know that we're not fucking around. We take comfort in incontrovertible sound. The waves could shift and realign. They could compound if we let them. I could drive to Washington and back and pretend that nothing happened. Maybe if we plug in and send it out on the wing, if it's loud enough you'll hear it. But how far can it really go, with only public radio?
I saw the planets align, and that got me wandering. I hopped the west wind and held on tight for a hundred nights. I took it down to the town where the people with powder make the dead alive. It was not a pretty sight; those guys they howl and bite. The sound echoed through me, and when I came to I had lost my sight. But the wind picked me up again and took me blind to the northern lights. I couldn’t see it, but I felt it, yeah I felt it, and the darkness it turned to white. There was a flash and then it rained, and all the mud washed away. I knew I’d be alright. In the place where the lights go when they go out, I found all the songs that no one is singing, that get left in the dark. And it was a terrible sound.
Same Stories 02:25
Try not to forget all the songs that you sing in the dark, or the beats that you tap on the dash when you drive in your car. If you can remember the number of your best friend from when you were twelve, then why do you tell the same stories to the people you’ve already told? So come on and walk with me tonight and we’ll talk. If I repeat it, it’s ‘cause I mean it and I don’t know what to do in a conversation. But since you’re on my mind, I’ll tell it one more time. And when we sat on that ledge up where I’d never been and the sun broke through the clouds just as we jumped in, I felt more comfortable around you than I ever had. Inventing new stories to tell, put the old ones back in their bag...at least for now.  So come on and walk with me tonight and we’ll talk. If I repeat it, it’s ‘cause I mean it and I don’t know what to do in a conversation.  It might take a little time, but you know, baby I've got the time.
So near asleep I hear your breath: the root of living in your chest. It is the fact that you are here. It is the proof that you are here. What’s done should just be done. Don’t talk just use our lungs. The brains that your dad said you had, you lost them. Terrified of our potential, and all the ways we might fail to meet it. ‘Round here we are all the same, we want sleep with no bad dreams in our own bed with heat from somebody who won’t keep me awake. The simplest act is still the one that we’ll remember when we’re done. The last thing I hope I forget, when everything else starts to slip, is sleeping over your parents’ bedroom. We’d turned 18 not long ago. The open window had made it so cold. For me you shut it, then came back to bed. ‘Round here we are all the same, we want sleep with no bad dreams in our own bed with heat from somebody who won’t keep me awake. So nothing risked is nothing gained. It’s the surest way to stay safe. Afraid to spell out the ways that we think we could help each other. So lay next to me tonight. Though I may not be satisfied I will stay by your side and be company ‘til the morning light.
I climbed the hill from the bay to the cathedral. The bus went halfway up and left my friends down at the pier. For everyone who would believe I lit a candle, and with each light I made a wish and then called it a prayer. But all my wishes turned to nothing once they left my mouth ‘cause they would never know I spoke their names above the town. Down in the harbor all the sea lions barking for attention could not compete with how I wanted everyone to hear me.  Please hear me! After the candles burned out nothing there would make me change. All my wishes were for nothing then if I don't change.
The stars were exploding. One by one they'd flicker and they'd fall into Lake Griffy. I counted them all. Seven times I called your name, then ten more and the sky shut itself off. In the darkness I wondered, “Will that be enough?” Will that be enough? I dove down to the bottom, the very bottom where all things go to die. Everyone wanted to hold me, wanted to feel alive. So I gathered up the broken stars, lit a spark, put them back up in the sky. If you can wish on their falling, imagine what you can do bringing them back to life.
What we all need to see is that this is how humans can be: noble, considerate, and loving. The people spilled onto the lawn, they fed us food, they cheered us on. Not in self interest, but from a common bond. And so I'll take that day and let my memory keep its shape. Wish I could give it to you, Kate. Not so you’d live inside its walls, just someplace to start off until you don’t need that old history at all. What idea could you be given the space to really breathe? Noble, considerate, and loving. Please don’t cling to those old songs. They say, “There’s no sense moving on.” This is your new one: my last gift and then I’m gone. What idea could you be, given the space to really breathe?  Oh, I loved you but let me go. So many years ahead, might as well greet them with a lighter load. All the people I’ve met raised a thousand open hands all holding me up in a wave that stretches from back when. It terrified me then, but now I know how to be grateful for the push that kept me from being scared of tomorrow. I loved you but let me go. Wish I could be the last hand in the crowd to push you on. Wish I could be the final springboard you rely upon. I know it’s hard to make your feet dive from the ground they’re on, but it’s time to do it, the water’s warm. And if all the lights go out and down in the bottom there’s no sound, just keep moving, you’ll find solid ground.


released May 18, 2008

This album was recorded in February and April of 2008 at Russian Recording in Nashville, IN. Ginger Alford sang and played bass. Mike Harpring played drums and saxophone. Matt Tobey sang and played guitars, piano, clarinet, accordion, bells, and tambourine. Lyrics to songs 2, 10, 11, & 13 by Ginger Alford. Lyrics to all others by Matt Tobey. All music by Good Luck. "1001 Open Hands" contains some text quoted from "The Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie.

Engineered, mixed, and often improved by Mike Bridavsky, thanks Mike! Master by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering. Collagraphic prints by Mike Harpring. Watercolors and Line Drawings by Matt Tobey. Artwork conceived and pieced together by all three of us.

Thanks to you.


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Good Luck Bloomington

We're a pop trio from Bloomington, IN that writes pop songs that are way too fast. Ginger Alford plays bass, sings, and does taxes for a non profit bookstore. Matt Tobey plays guitar, sings, and owns a bakery. Mike Harpring plays drums and remodels old homes in Philly, PA. We don't know if we'll play more shows in the future. We watched the series finale of Lost in the van during a thunderstorm. ... more

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